How to Purchase
Receiving Material
How to Search for Keywords
Using or Not Using Puppets
Copying & Editing
How to Purchase
How do I purchase your material? 

When you have found an item you would like to purchase, click on the Add to Cart link or the Cart symbol   associated with the item. The item will be added to your Shopping Cart and your Shopping Cart will be displayed.  

For full details on how to purchase Children's Material, check out the Purchasing/Shopping Cart info page.


Receiving Material
How do I receive my material once I've purchased it?

Once you've paid by credit card, you will receive your material through the U.S. Post Office within 5-7 days, depending on where you live.  Shipping is free.  Priority Mail (2 to 3 days for delivery) is available for $10.00 more.

At this time, we can only send mail through the Post Office to residents living within the United States.

If paying by Mail (Check or Money Order) it may take 2-3 business days to receive your order form. Once payment is received, your material will be sent out through the U.S. Post Office, and you will receive your material within 5 to 7 days, depending on where you live. Shipping is free. For an additional charge of  $10.00, Priority Mail (2 to 3 days for delivery) is available.
How to Search Using Key Words
Puppets in your Program
What is the advantage to using puppets in my program?

Puppets are a great way to introduce stories to children because the characters can be very "animated" and can possess capabilities that human actors can't.  Puppets are very versatile. Also, puppets seem to relate to children on "their" level, and can be entertaining as well as informative.  

Using puppets instead of actors can also make your program easier, since scripts can be taped to the puppet stage and actors can read the skit instead of having to memorize lengthy lines.   It is often easier to recruit puppeteers instead of "on-stage" actors for this reason.  

Puppeteers can also be more flexible, since anyone can fill in when needed, due to sickness or other necessary absence. Using puppets also allows people who might be more hesitant to appear in front of an audience, the opportunity to hide behind a man-made stage.

What if I don't want to use puppets in my program?

If using puppets does not fit within your program,  you can still use our children's curriculum since the puppets are not necessary in order to teach the lesson. The puppet skits in our material are used as an introduction to the lesson being taught that day--they do not actually teach the material being covered, so the lessons and activities used with our curriculum can be taught with or without the puppets.  The only exception to this may be the "Time to Believe" VBS curriculum, since the puppets are used to tell the entire Bible story. However, real people could be used in place of puppets but it will take a lot of memorizing on the part of your staff.  

Can I use real people instead of puppets?

Absolutely!  Anyone can stand in for a puppet as long as he or she can read!




Copying and Editing
How many copies of the material can I make after I receive it?

Once you buy the material you are free to make as many copies as you need.  However, please only distribute the copies within your own group or organization.  You have permission to copy the material for your own needs, but you may not sell or give it away to anyone else.  

Can I change or edit the material without getting into copyright issues?

If you'd like to change or edit the material feel free to do so, however, please retain the information listed at the bottom of each page, including my name and website.  If you do change large portions of the material's content, include something like "Based on an original material by Rayeann Longwell, from www.skitsandstuff.com" or "based on an idea from Rayeann Longwell at www.skitsandstuff.com," at the bottom of your page. You may not sell the changed material without violating copyright laws.

Is it possible to get a refund on VBS material?

If the VBS material has not yet been mailed, you can receive a full refund.  If the material has already been mailed, once you receive it, you have 30 days to return the entire curriculum for a refund, minus a $15 handling fee.  

We will not refund money until we have received the returned material.