Skit Ideas

If you didn't find a skit to suit your needs, but have a great idea for one, contact us. We're always looking for new, fun,  and interesting ideas to help populate our database. At different times throughout the year, we're working on various topics and can always use some fresh ideas to create new skits.  The more ideas we have, the more skits you'll have to choose from on our site! We can't guarantee we'll use your idea, but we'll definitely consider it, and if it's a topic we're excited about and fits into our current work schedule, you could see your ideas come to life!   

To send us your skit ideas, use our Contact Us-Skit Idea page and give us some details about the type of skit you'd like to see on our site.  Include your topic theme, a brief summary of your idea, and any scripture references you think would be helpful in writing the skit (if applicable).  Include any other notes or details you think would be helpful.  

For Example:

Topic: Women's Ministry - the importance of women's friendships
Summary:  Just as a marriage relationship is important in the lives of women, so are the friendships women share with each other.  How would our life be different without our women friends? Who would we tell our troubles too? Shop with? Work out with?  etc. 
Scripture: no scripture necessarry or possibly a refernce of Ruth and Naomi

We reply to all messages, acknowledging your request, but as previously stated, we cannot guarantee your idea will be accepted.  If your idea is not accepted, don't take it personally.  Ideas are subjective, so just because we don't accept it, it doesn't mean it wasn't a good idea; it just means it wasn't a good idea for us at this time and may not fit into what we're trying to achieve at this moment.  Don't give up!  Keep sending us your ideas!  The more ideas we have, the more skits we can create, which gives our customers a better variety. 

The category of skit ideas we're looking for varies, depending on the time of year and our workload at any given time.  In general, these are the major categories we're usually looking for:

     Black History
     Fall Harvest
     Holidays: Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother & Father's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years
      Love & Marriage relationships
      Parent/Child relationships
      Spiritual Growth
      Women's Ministry
      Children & Teens
      Miscellaneous Topics: Anger, Money, Prayer, etc.

To see what topics we're currently accepting ideas for, check out the Skit Ideas section on the home page of the website. 

Ideas are free!  You have NO obligation to purchase a skit even if you have submitted an idea for it.  Our main goal is to continue to add new skits to our database.  If you like what you see, feel free to purchase, but if you'd rather just be an "idea" person, that's okay with us.  Whether you purchase a skit or not, it remains in the database for others to use and enjoy.

We retain the rights to any skits that have been written as a result of ideas that have been shared with us. Once we've written a skit, it becomes part of our database.  Our goal is to create a wide variety of skits for our customers to use, so the more skits we write, the more selection we have for our customers.