Drama Skit FAQ's

How to Purchase Props/Scenery
How to Download Characters
Customized Skits Sets
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How to Purchase

I found a skit I'd like to buy but don't know how to get started.  What do I do first?

When you have found an item you would like to purchase, click on the Add to Cart link or the Cart symbol   associated with the item. The item will be added to your Shopping Cart and your Shopping Cart will be displayed. Then click on either the  Purchase by Credit Card button or the Purchase by Mail button and follow the instructions.

For full details on how to purchase skits, check out the Purchasing/Shopping Cart info page.
How to Download

How do I receive/download my skit after I've purchased it?  How long will it take?

All skits are downloaded online and can be download within minutes of purchase if using a credit card.

For full details on how to Download a skit, check out the Downloading info page.
Customized Skits

I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. How can I have a skit customized that will fit the needs of my theme or group?

To request a customized skit, use our Contact Us page and give us some details about the type of skit you want.  Include your topic theme, style of drama (serious/funny etc.), number of characters needed, how long you'd like the skit to run, the date the skit is needed, and any scripture references you might be using, if applicable.  The more details we have, the better we can write something that will best fit your needs.

For full details on how to customize a skit, check out the Custom Skits info page.
How to Search Using Key Words and Categories
I'm looking for a skit on a certain topic.  How can I find it quickly on your site?

The fastest way to find a skit on a particular topic is to do a "search" on that subject.  The "Search" button is found at the top right corner of each page, underneath the picture of the shopping cart.  

Simply type in the word of the topic you are looking for (ex. love, joy, Peter, Christmas etc.) and hit the "Search Skits" button.  A list of matches for your word will be displayed.  The word will be in bold and underlined. For example, if you type in the word "love" the following will appear:

1) How Do I Love Thee (Narrative) - Drama Skit
  Title-How Do I Love Thee
  Theme-God's love; unconditional love of God; how...
  Summary-If God were to write a love letter to us, what would ...
  Excerpt-A Love Letter from God  (Beginni...

The search will display the title of the skit and tell you what kind of skit it is, whether a drama skit, puppet skit, narrative, monologue etc.  It will then either display the word in the Theme (key words that describe the skit); in the Summary or the Excerpt (a sample).  The word you searched on will be surrounded by several other words so you can see the context in which the word was used. 

To see if a skit fits the criteria you are looking for, simply click on the title of the skit (on the first line) to view a detailed summary and the full excerpt.  (In the above example, you would click on "How Do I Love Thee" in bright blue.)

I noticed a list of Skit Categories on the left side of the Drama and Puppet Skit pages.  What are those used for?

These are a list of categories we have put together to group skits with an overall common theme that can be seen at a quick glance.  For instance, if you click on the main category "Relationships" all the skits pertaining to that category will be displayed. (Family, Friendship, Love & Marriage, Personal Relationship and Relationships with God) If you want to narrow your search on marriage, click on "Love & Marriage", within the "Relationship" category, and only the skits pertaining to marriage will be displayed.  

What if I don't know what category my topic is listed under?

Simply type in your topic in the "Search Skits" area (top right corner of any web page) and a list of matches for your word/topic will be displayed.  (See example to the left for full instructions on searches.)

Do you only write Christian skits?

Mainly, yes. Because we write primarily for churches most of our content is religious in nature.  References to God, Jesus, Salvation etc. is not uncommon. While we try to avoid being too "preachy" most of the skits written here have a Biblical basis.  We do not write anything that might be considered "crude" or irreverent. Some but not all skits may have a scripture reference but most all have some kind of Biblical basis or moral value to them.

What kind of "message" can I expect with your skits?

As mentioned, we try to avoid being too "preachy", but if we've done our job correctly, the audience will come away with more questions, than answers.  We don't want to preach a sermon with our skits but we do want the audience to come away looking at the topic in a fresh light. Most of the time our skits should be used to introduce a topic rather "preach a sermon." 

What is your writing style?

Styles may be serious or comedic, depending upon the topic. Our goal here is to create something that is fresh or different--not something you've seen before.  In order to achieve that we go to whatever lengths are necessary.

Some skits may be a narrative or a monologue or even in rhyme form.  There is a wide variety of styles to choose from. 

Are all of your skits appropriate for children?

Yes and no. Most of our skits can be performed in front of children and while they may not always understand the content or meaning of the skits, they are still "clean" enough for a youthful audience. 

However, some topics such as those dealing with marriage, particularly sex or intimacy, while dealt with in a respectful manner, may not be appropriate for young ears.  In such cases, warnings are given in the summary notes.  

I work in a public school and have to be careful about religious references.  Can I still use your skits?

As mentioned, most of our skits are religious in nature however with a little creativity on your part you could change a few words here and there and get the same meaning without using the same words, in most cases.  Not all of the skits would be appropriate within a school setting though.  We would advise contacting us ahead of time if you have a specific skit in mind and we can let you know how appropriate it would be for a public school setting or how difficult it would be to change a few lines.

How long are your skits?

Skits vary in length but in general run from 5-8 minutes.  Some skits may be longer due to the nature of the skit but most don't run over 10 minutes at the most.  There may be some Christmas skits that run into the 15 minute mark but they are an exception rather than a rule. As a rule, I don't write anything longer than that. 

I'm looking for a holiday play that runs longer than the average 5-10 minute skit.  Do you write full length plays?

Unfortunately, at this time I do not.  The nature of my business is more about skits than plays at this point.  

We're on a tight budget and don't have money for a lot of complicated costumes and props. Will there be a lot of outside cost for these items with your skits?

No. We try to keep the props and costumes simple, generally things you can easily find within your own home.  How simple or elaborate you get with the props and costumes is up to you. 

Do we have to create any special scenery or backgrounds with your skits? 

Not unless you want to.  Most skits can be done with just a few chairs, a small table and a few simple household props. The setting of each skit will give you an idea of the overall look and feel of the skit but how simple or elaborate you choose to get with the scenery, stage, costumes, props etc. is completely up to you. 

What if we don't have a large amount of actors to work with? Do you have skits to accommodate a smaller cast?

Each skit varies in the amount of characters needed. If you have a small cast and want to perform a skit that requires a large cast, it may be possible for some actors to play several characters within the same skit with a few clever costume or prop changes. Also, in some cases certain lines can be combined into one character instead of spread between two or three. 

If there is a specific skit you'd like to perform but are worried about having enough people, just Contact Us and I can tell you if it would be possible given your situation and the specific skit you want. 

If I have more female actors than I do males, is it possible to change some of the male characters to female? Or vice-versa?

Absolutely.  Many of the skits are written with a specific gender in mind but don't always have to be performed that way. Many of the characters are gender neutral and could be played by either a male or female. Having said that, several of the skits do require both male and female parts and could not easily be changed.  However, if you're in a bind, with a few creative costumes any person could play any of the roles. 

Why can't I buy a skit that is part of a set/series?

Usually skits that are part of a set build upon each other from week to week and purchasing one without the context of the others will not make sense to the audience.  

Is it ever possible to buy one skit instead of the whole series?

Yes, in some cases where the skits may be part of a central theme but that don't necessarily build on one another.  The sets/series will indicate whether or not one skit can be purchased separately or must be purchased as a complete set.

Copying and Editing
How many copies of the skit can I make after I've downloaded it?

Once you buy a skit you are free to make as many copies as you need.  However, please only distribute the copies within your own group or organization.  You have permission to copy the skit for your own needs, but you may not sell or give the skit away to anyone else.  

Can I change or edit the skit without getting into copyright issues?

If you'd like to change or edit a skit, feel free to do so, however, please retain the information listed at the bottom of each skit, including my name and website.  If you do change large portions of the skit's content, include something like "Based on an original script by Rayeann Longwell, from www.skitsandstuff.com" or "based on an idea from Rayeann Longwell at www.skitsandstuff.com," at the bottom of your page. You may not sell the changed scripts without violating copyright laws.

Is it possible to get a refund on Drama Skits?

Because skits are downloaded electronically (online through the web) we cannot issue a refund once the skit has been downloaded.

Only under extenuating circumstances will a refund be issued for skits.