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Time to Believe

Time To Believe-VBS

Familiar stories are given a fresh twist as kids learn to see God as He really is!  Reporter Jordan Prenn is used to dealing with the facts: she's not sure about a God you can't see, hear or touch.  But when her scientist uncle invents a time machine out of a church (which runs on praise), she travels back in time to catch glimpses of God in ways she never expected!  

But Jordan isn't alone on her journey: Trouble is on the loose and uses many disguises to deceive Jordan and lure her away from God's truth.  With the help of Jerry, Uncle Phil's dog, (who can talk thanks to Phil's dog translator) Jordan begins to realize her initial "facts" about God may have been wrong.  

In this series, the puppets take center stage: they set the tone, tell the stories and recap what was learned on their journeys each day.  

Kids will love this interactive adventure! Puppets tell the Bible story as it is happening in "the present." Your church becomes the time machine, and children are thrown right into the middle of Bible stories! They become first hand witnesses to the awesome truths of God, just like Jordan and Jerry. 

As children receive new insights into God's personality, they also learn to recognize Trouble and how to avoid his lies.  

  Your kids won't want to miss out on this one!


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Travel back in time to witness first hand the personality of God:


     He's an Artist: Take a look at the Garden of Eden    

       He's Exciting: Stand in front of the burning bush or listen for a soft whisper       

             He's Smart: Examine the Tower of Babel or visit the palace of King Solomon

              He Keeps His Promises: Look at the crumbling walls of Jericho

                  He's Forgiving: Travel to Ninevah    


Professor Prenn (Uncle Phil)

"I built the time machine for my niece, Jordan.  Maybe if she sees God at work, she'll want to get to know Him better."  


"I'm a reporter.  I like the "facts:" things you can see, feel, hear or touch." Who is God anyway?  Does He really exist?"


"I'm Jerry, the professor's dog.  Thanks to this nifty dog translator, humans can understand me.  It sure is a lot easier getting what I want to eat."


"I don't care much for God.  He's always ruining my plans! But I guess it's only fair: I ruin a lot of  His plans too, or at least as many as I can.  Better watch out for me--you never know where I'm going to show up.  I'm a master of disguise--I could be anyone or anything.  Good luck trying to find me!"

The Time Machine (Your Church)

"Want to use me to travel back through time?  Then you better start praising because that's the only thing that makes me work: the louder the better!" 


For each day, this series contains the following:

  • Director's Guide including helpful suggestions, tips & how to use the material

  • A brief overview of the day's activities

  • A suggested schedule/order of events

  • Three puppet skits for the opening, closing and Bible Story time

  • Life Applications

  • Memory verses 

  • Games 

  • Crafts (supplies not included)

  • Music suggestions

  • Snack suggestions

  • Review questions

  • Prop lists

  • Suggested set designs

  • Overheads

  • "Press Releases" (a take home sheet)

  • Sample copy of advertising flyer