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I'm a Survivor! Tribal Hawaii

I'm A Survivor! Tribal Hawaii-VBS

Our adventures begin with a group of puppet characters participating in a game of survival on the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Kauai.  The puppet characters face challenges each week that, depending on their performance, can get them voted right off the island. This time, each puppet is allowed one luxury item from home to help make their stay on the islands a little easier. Their goal is to be the only person not voted off the island, thereby winning the title of Ultimate Survivor, and an appearance on a t.v. show. Their adventures parallel selected stories in the New Testament such as "The Wise and Foolish Builders," "Peter Walks on Water," and more!


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This series can stand alone or can be used as either a sequel or prequel to I Survived! Serengeti Safari. Whether you can't get enough of our survivor series or this is the first you've seen of it, you'll love this interactive unit that makes kids (and adults) want to come back for more! 

Who will Survive?


"Man, am I gorgeous! If it was up to looks alone, I'd win this game in a heartbeat. I brought my mirror with me because I just couldn't go six whole weeks without looking at myself. Even if I don't win, at least I gave you all a thrill just by letting you be around someone as good-looking as me."


"Isn't that Chaz a dream!  He's so handsome! Gooo Chaz! I'm the head cheerleader at my school.  I brought my pom-poms with me because I just love to do cheers. If I don't win this game, I hope Chaz does.  What a hunk!"


"I like to swim and play baseball, but what I really love to do is fish. That's why I brought my fishing pole with me.  I hope I can catch some good fish to eat while we're on this island.  I'm a hard worker so I think I have a good chance of winning this game."


"I love to play the drums.  I don't go anywhere without my drumsticks.  My neighbors say I drive them crazy with all my banging and drumming but maybe things will be different here in Hawaii.  I sure hope I win."


"I love all kinds of bugs.  I brought my caterpillar, Squire with me, because whenever I get sad I let him crawl up my arm.  It tickles and it always makes me laugh, which helps me feel better. I'm not afraid of bugs like a lot of other people.  That's why I think I'll do well here on the island."


"I don't like things messy or dirty.  That's why I brought this broom with me, so I could keep things neat and clean.  There sure is a lot of dirt on this island! Uh-oh, I see some sand blowing on my clothes.  I better go clean them."

Willie Jack

"I love jokes.  I like to tell jokes, I like to read jokes, and I like to play jokes on other people.  At home, I'm always getting into trouble for joking around too much. I don't know if I'm gonna win this game or not, but I'm sure gonna have fun trying!

What happens when the game becomes real? 

Everyday we are faced with real life situations and challenges that can seem overwhelming. But what if it were possible to have an edge in those situations? What if we could unlock the secrets of surviving in our daily lives? Through this series, we can. Using the New Testament as our guide, we'll see how wisdom, focus, compassion, faith, forgiveness and being prepared became important survival skills to people like Peter, the wise and foolish builders, the good Samaritan, the woman who touched the hem of Jesus' garment, and several others. We'll discover ways to use these skills in our own lives, so that we, too, can hold the title of Ultimate Survivor!

For each day, this series contains the following:

  • Director's Guide (instruction book) including helpful suggestions and tips

  • A brief overview of the day's activities

  • A suggested order of events

  • A puppet skit

  • A Bible lesson with built in object lesson

  • Memory verse and activity

  • Challenges for the day 

  • Craft (supplies not included)

  • Review questions

  • Prop lists

  • Overheads

  • Highlights (a take home sheet)

  • Optional accessory list & website helps for challenge rewards & prizes